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Here is where you'll find help on sharing KidCitizen Episodes with students, and on creating your own episodes with the KidCitizen Editor.  Below you can find answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and we'll be adding more help and guides. If you have a question that the FAQ does not answer, you can get in touch via our Support Page


Frequently Asked Questions

Teaching with KidCitizen Episodes

What devices can I play KidCitizen episodes on?

KidCitizen episodes are cross-platform.  You can play them on PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, and iOS or Android tablets.


How do I give students an episode to play?

Students can play the Episodes from this site: Click on the Episodes link at the top of the page, choose the episode you wish to play, then click the PLAY THIS EPISODE button.


Are there Teacher’s Guides for the episodes?

Yes, there is a teacher's guide for each episode.  You can find it on each episode's main page.


What do the Teacher’s Guides include?

In each Teacher Guide you'll find a description of the episode, curricular connections (including standards), activity suggestions for teachers, historical background information, and references for the primary sources used, and references for additional resources. 


What are minimum system requirements?

Click here for a list of technical requirements for playing the KidCitizen episodes.


I have more questions or need more support.  How do I get in touch?

Get in touch with us via our Support Page here.



Creating Episodes with the KidCitizen Editor

How do I get access to the KidCitizen Editor?

Access to the KidCitizen Editor is offered for free through this site. 

Click here, or on the "Create an Episode" link in the top nav, then follow instructions and links to sign up.  The KidCitizen Editor is part of the Muzzy Lane Author cloud toolset, so you will sign up with Author.


What capabilities do I get with my free access? 

A lot!  You can create an unlimited number of KidCitizen activities, and you can share them with an unlimited number of students with simple link-sharing. You'll have access to onboarding materials and help on the Author site (and this website).  

If you need to track assignments online, you can set up a simple Author assignment (if needed) for a limited number of students.


What can I create with the KidCitizen Editor?

You can create a wide variety of Apps where students explore primary sources interactively.  We'll provide some example Apps that you can modify or use for ideas.  All of the KidCitizen episodes on this site were produced with the KidCitizen Editor.


How do I share an episode I create with my students?

It's easy. There are several ways to share your episodes: 

  • Via Direct Link: Your episode will have a that you can e-mail to students, or embed in a web page.  After you Publish your episode, you'll see the Direct Link under Sharing on the Open page.
  • Create an Author assignment: You can create a simple assignment and send it to students. This will require students to sign in, but it will also provide you with information like whether students completed the episode.


In addition to the KidCitizen Editor, can I use other Author tools and templates?

Yes you can.  Muzzy Lane Author includes a variety of other "templates" in addition to the KidCitizen Editor.  You will be able to use them for free at the Basic Individual account access level.


What devices does the KidCitizen Editor run on?

The KidCitizen Editor is cloud-based, and runs on PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, and iOS and Android mobile devices.  The KidCitizen editor runs on the Author service.  Technical  requirements for the Editor are listed here.


I need more support with the KidCitizen Editor.  What do I do?

Log in to your Author account, then click "Help" in the top right corner of the Author interface. Click on the "New Ticket" to send your issue to our support team. We'll get back to you shortly. 

We will continue to add KidCitizen guides in this Help section.


Kidcitizen editor getting started guide

Are you ready to create your own KidCitizen episodes?

First, you'll want to Register for your KidCitizen Editor account.  

This Getting Started guide will help you find your way around Author, walk you through starting your first KidCitizen activity, and give a quick overview of the KidCitizen Editor interface.

Getting Started title screen.png

Getting started with the kidcitizen editor

A quick guide to get you up and creating.

We'll be adding more guides soon.