Snap a Photo: Agent of Change

How did Lewis Hine expose child labor through his photographs and advocate for change?

How did photographers help convince Congress to pass child labor laws? We will explore some of Lewis Hine’s photographs that exposed child working conditions and advocated for child labor laws to protect children.

We will investigate who the photographer was who captured the photos to understand sourcing of information as part of historical inquiry.

In this episode, students will engage in careful observation to identify objects and note details (See), generate and test hypotheses based on evidence they have collected (Think), and reflect on their learning by applying it to related questions (Wonder). A key focus is to consider source information and identify aspects of a primary source that reveal a photographer’s point of view or purpose.


Recommended Citation: 

Berson, I. R., Berson, M. J., Snow, B., & Varga, B.  (2017). Snap a photo: Agent of Change [App]. Amesbury, MA: Muzzy Lane Software. Retrieved from KidCitizen, a Congress, Civic Participation, and Primary Sources Project from the Library of Congress,

Herbert Snow